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almost 3 years ago

The new 3/8 inch Snap-on Drive 14.4v Wireless Ratchet (CTRA761) is the first to integrate the performance of its cordless ratchet category with the convenience of being "regardless" to air duct for greater freedom and productivity.


The new Snap-on CTRA761 easily supports 150 ft.lbs. Of manual starting torque and continues with rotational speeds of up to 350 rpm to extract and install the screws at lightning speed It has a cold crankshaft of quality, strength, and durability, and has a new 14.4-volt battery, which allows for longer performance time. "The industry-leading power integration speed of CTRA761 provides the user with a multi-purpose tool capable of breaking loose connectors that run out at high speed," said Roger Insets, Product Manager of Power Tools for Snap. -No. "With the CTRA761 Snap-on, service technicians will get the speed, control and accessibility they're looking for for a wireless ratchet."

Some of the unique features and benefits of the new 3/4 on. Wireless lithium-ion drive ratchet. (CTRA761) of Snap-on are:

  • 350 rpm maximum.
  • 150 ft.lbs. Of the manual start torque
  • Integrated LED flashlight
  • Fuel indicator The LED battery is well integrated into the handle
  • Fake crankshaft for quality, strength, and durability
  • Also available 1/4-Drive (CTRA725)

You can learn more about the new wireless tranquil and 14.4V micro-lithium-ion Snap-on (CTRA761) by contacting your Franchise Snap-on participant, Free Snap-on Tools Reader Australia 1800 810 581 or see more video information on Snap-on TV.


Snap-on Tools is a mobile franchise that delivers quality tools to mechanics, engineers, and technicians across Australia. Snap-on provides technicians a variety of high-quality products and services that make your working life more productive. Over 19,000 products are offered to customers, including hand and power tools, tool storage, diagnostic and software tools, information management systems, equipment stores and other solutions for workshops and repair centers. For more information, visit snapontools.com.au or join the online conversation facebook.com/ Snap-On Australia tool.

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